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Comprehensive Seminars

“What are my patients’ teeth and the position of their teeth telling me?“

Dentist Dr. Jürgen André, member and moderator of the FDGZ (Forum Dialogue holistic dentures), offers advanced training on the subject of tooth position and personality analysis for non-medical practitioners (according to German law) and other therapists.

An insight into different areas of dentistry and what non-dentists should know.

“How do I get my own Inner Strength?“
Inner strength is based on the personal power that is dormant in everyone. Those who have great inner strength are measured, balanced and flexible. Everyone can achieve a strong personality through work on themselves and master life’s difficulties in a cheerful and humorous way.

Chong-Mi Müller is the author of the book: ‘My Inner Strength’. She is an experienced naturopath, energetic-spiritual therapist and internationally recognized TAO senior teacher.

In this seminar, Chong-Mi Müller talks about how she works with people and demonstrates how you can heal yourself. She also tells how she herself gained her inner strength. Through joint exercises, the inner being is made accessible.

Invited are women and men who are interested in their own independence and want to develop into a strong personality.

“Successful with cooperation and networks“

Cooperation and networks are fixed components of our business life.

If you are interested in seminars on the success and obstacle factors of cooperation, the organizational design of cooperation and the development of cross-border cooperation or virtual communities, please contact the authors of the book: “Successful with cooperation and networks”.

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