Consultancy national and international

Ennsfellner Consulting is committed to quality, competency, professionalism, ethical conduct and honest business dealings. Engagements in national and international representation of interests aim at improving the quality and general framework for management consultants

Projects – national and international:

  • Design of training modules on competency and methods/tools for management consultants
  • Fostering scientific knowledge management and related competencies for consultants
  • Establishing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with stakeholders
  • Development of the first standard for management consultancy services EN 16114:2011 with the European Project Committee of the European Standards Institute CEN, further development to the international ISO standard ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for management consultancy services
  • Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement to promote the ISO Standard 20700:2017 "Guidelines for management consultancy services"
  • Initiation of the personal certification ISO 17024 und and the accreditation model ISO 17011 for ICMCI
  • Conception and implementation of the „Constantinus International Consulting Award“, a recognition for consultants and their clients
  • Services to promote management consulting as a respected profession

We operate nationally and internationally

Ennsfellner Awards

In September 2011, Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner received the first Gold Medal of Honour of the Professional Association of Management Consultancy and IT.

In December 2012, Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner was awarded with the Golden Badge of Honour of the Austrian Economic Association (Wirtschaftsbund), National Group of Lower Austria.

In March 2014 Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner was honoured by the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria for her national and international activities for management consultancy and information technology.

Chair of Lower Austrian Division Gerd Prechtl, Chair of Austrian Division Hans-Jürgen Pollirer, Chair of Professional Association Alfred Harl, and former Vice Chair Wilfried Seyruck congratulate Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner

WKNOE President Sonja Zwazl und WB-Director Harald Servus present Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner with the Golden Badge of Honour

WKNOE President Sonja Zwazl, Chair of Lower Austrian IC-Division Gerd Prechtl and General Secretary Wolfgang Schwärzler present Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner with the honorary certificate