Standards in Management Consultancy

International European Standard: EN ISO 20700:2018 Guidelines for management consultancy services
As Chair of the Project Committee of CEN, the European Standards Institute, Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner has had the opportunity to develop and promote this first European standard for management consultancy services since 2006. Until 2018, the European standard EN 16114 has been further developed into an international ISO standard, the EN ISO 20700:2018, thus opening the cross-border market for management consultancy services globally.

Book published (in German):

Excellence in Management Consulting
Successful consultancy projects
Guidelines for consultants and companies
Springer Gabler 2022
Robert Bodenstein, Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner, Josef Herget (eds.)
ISBN 978-3-658-34588-4 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-3-658-34589-1 (Ebook)


Standards are considered indicators of professionalism and quality

International standard: ISO 20700:2017

Since 2014 Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner has been Chair of the task force “Promotion and Stakeholder Engagement” of the ISO Project Committee to establish the ISO 20700 “Guidelines for management consultancy services“. In 2017, the international standard ISO 20700:2017 “Guidelines for management consultancy services“ was published.

The global ISO standard on Management Consultancy is based on the recommendations and guidelines of the European standard. The European standard EN 16114 has been superseded, since then EN ISO 20700:2018 applies.

Based on good practice from the management consultancy industry, the standard includes recommendations for the consultancy process to improve the specification, execution, acceptance and closure of management consultancy services. It applies to all management consultancy services providers, whatever area of specialization or size of the business and does not require certification. The standard however does not prevent management consultancy providers from using own methods and approaches which will encourage innovation and differentiation. The latter are important values of the management consultancy service providers’ proposals

  • Transparency and understanding between consultants and clients
  • Better procurement of management consultancy services

The standard intends to enhance the effectiveness of the management consulting industry and accelerate the development of the profession. The implementation and application will improve transparency and understanding between clients and management consultancy service providers – a challenge expressed often by both clients and industry representatives.

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Discussion of the standard with clients and users

Representatives of ICMCI, FEACO, CEN, UNI at the Launching Event in Brüssels November 2011