CAUSAL Edition
Knowledge for ME

CAUSAL Edition was founded by me, Dr. Ilse Andrea Ennsfellner, in Obertrum (Salzburg) in 2009, because I aimed at combing my core profession as a management consultant with my passion for literature.

With this publishing company I would like to promote a holistic approach in medicine and sustainability in management. The harmony of the triangle: body – soul – mind plays an important role.

My goal is to publish books in medicine, personal development and management, mainly including unconventional approaches and creative perspectives – and thus enable pioneer and forward thinking.


Book publishing company specializing in economic and health-oriented topics

Our Services

CAUSAL Edition is interested in a good and efficient cooperation with the authors. Therefore, we offer services that you as an author expect from a modern publishing house:

  • We publish books on business and health-related topics that are unconventional but field-tested and take into account the connection body - soul - spirit.
  • We advise you on the composition of your book (on the topic, target group, level of awareness).
  • We you edit your book with regard to the following criteria: spelling and punctuation, grammar, layout, composition and structure and Argumentation.
  • We design the layout and the cover of your book - in professional quality and with special attention to the optic.
  • We take over the production and distribution of your book in a reasonable edition, also as an e-book.
  • We register your book with an ISBN number, in the VLB (directory of available books), if necessary with title protection, and with renowned book suppliers.
  • We offer you a customary fee for books sold, tailored to the needs of the author.
  • We market your book in bookstores, on the internet, with review copies; in cooperation with the author via lectures/readings, trade fairs etc., and press work.